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Koodo Prepaid Online Activation

  1. 1Getting Started
  2. 2SIM Card Info
  3. 3Account Set-up
  4. 4Personal Settings
  5. 5Phone Number
  6. 6Base Plan & Boosters
  7. 7Review Your Order
  8. 8Payment
  9. 9Summary
1. Getting Started

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have a Koodo Prepaid SIM card.
  • If you didn't buy a Koodo phone, make sure your device is compatible with the Koodo network. Click here to check.
  • Check out and decide on the base plan and Booster® add-ons you'd like to buy.
  • Pick your payment method – credit card, Visa Debit card or top-up voucher. If you’d like to use a top-up voucher, you should pick one up at a Koodo Shop or Retail partner across Canada before starting the activation.
  • Keep a pen handy so you can keep track of your passwords.

 Terms of services apply to the use of Koodo services. By checking the box on the left and activating service, you accept that the Koodo Service Terms and Privacy Policy will apply to your use of the service.